Can you apply for a mortgage loan


You can apply for a mortgage loan with Good Finance, it is one of the options if you are contributing as a worker to the IMSS . As mentioned in an article about what a housing sub-account is, and it is also worth talking about this issue.

This is for an employee

This is for an employee

This is for an employee who has been saving and contributing for a long time to the Institute of the National Housing Fund for Workers. Which manages the money for the purchase of housing. It is equivalent to 5% bi-monthly of the contributions for the integrated salary, deposited by the company for which it is worked.

With the balance of the housing sub-account managed by Good Finance, you can apply for a mortgage loan. For the purchase of new or used housing, build on own land, remodel or pay another mortgage.

Conditions for a mortgage loan

Conditions for a mortgage loan

  • An analysis is carried out that shows a prequalification of some characteristics such as. Salary, age, continuous contribution time in the housing sub-account.
  • Quota is deducted, a percentage between 20% and 30%, of the monthly salary earned.
  • The age to apply for mortgage credit must be less than 65 years.
  • The rate applied is 12% per year, applied for all salary levels.
  • The payment behavior made by the employer is taken into account.
  • For workers with salaries up to 6.5 AMU per month, there is a contribution from Good Finance , in support of the employee.
  • An administration fee will be charged, added to the mortgage loan fee, according to salary amount. There is a scale of payment by salary levels.
  • A payment protection fee will be charged, for moments of unemployment.
  • Damage insurance premium will be charged, when the credit is approved for a spouse.
  • Advance payments made by the debtor will be applied to the mortgage loan capital, without penalties.

Steps to apply for a mortgage loan

Steps to apply for a mortgage loan

»Comply with the requirements demanded by Good Finance

»Prequalification analysis

»Meeting of documents requested by Good Finance

»Application registration at Good Finance offices

»Notary selection for valuation.

»Get the credit number for discounts

»Notice to the notary to sign deeds.

Always keep in mind that, when acquiring a mortgage loan, a great responsibility is also acquired. Schedule your personal finances well to avoid problems, and constantly show a better credit history.

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